Tammisaari (Ormnäs) Camping is located in Tammisaari, right next to th beautiful park “Hagen”, about 2 km from the city centre. The Camping area and the swimming beach is surrounded by a beautiful archipelago.

Ormnäs Camping is closed between 01.12.2022 - 31.03.2023. We are preparing for the current energy crisis by turning off the electricity and that the area's winter maintenance is not carried out.

Carts can be stored in the area during this time at your own risk.


The Tammisaari Camping area is under development towards a more modern and user-friendly camping area.
Among other things, the electricity system has been improved during the last years.

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We have 2-6 person cottages.                 


The waters around Ekenäs are known for good fishing. You can catch big pikes as well as perch and pike-perch.

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Tammisaaren Camping