The waters around Ekenäs are known for good fishing. You can catch big pikes as well as perch and pike-perch.


Everyone between ages 18 to 64 fishing with lures have to pay a provincial fishing fee and a fishing management fee. Angling and jigging are both everymans rights, no feeds needed. The fees can be bought at the nearest R-Kioski, or at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry webshop.


All fishers aged 18–64 years have to pay a fishing management fee, except for angling with a hook and line, ice-fishing, and herring fishing with a rig, which are free of charge.

The fishing management fee entitles you to lure fishing using one rod, reel and lure in the whole of Finland, except Åland islands or areas where fishing is prohibited. Prohibited areas can be found at

For other fishing methods and for fishing with more than one rod 18-64 year old fishers need to pay the fishing management fee as well as have permission by the water owner.

The fishing management fee is 45 euros for 1 year, 15 euros for 7 days and 6 euros for 1 day.

How to pay the fishing management fee
The fishing management fee is sold by Metsähallitus (Finnish Park and Forest Services). The fee can be paid in three different ways.

1. Web shop Eräluvat
Go to the web shop Erä and pay the fee. You will be asked your name, address and date of birth. You can print the receipt or save it on your mobile device.

2. Service number 020 69 2424 (weekdays 8–16)
Call the service number, you will be asked to tell your name, address and date of birth. You will be sent a bill, which contains the data for paying. Save the receipt.

3. Service desk
You can pay the fishing management fee at Metsähallitus’ Nature Centers as well as in R-kioski´s news stands. You will be given a receipt.

Please note
The receipt has to be kept with you at all times while fishing
If you are under 18 years old or over 65 and therefore released from paying, please keep an ID on you while fishing
The fishing management fee is valid in the whole of Finland, except Åland Islands where you always need the water owners permit.

Näin maksat kalastonhoitomaksun

Kalastonhoitomaksu on henkilökohtainen. Maksun yhteydessä kalastajalta kysytään nimi, yhteystiedot ja syntymäaika. Kalastonhoitomaksun voi ostaa myös toiselle, jolloin ostaja ilmoittaa tiedot kalastajasta, jonka puolesta on kalastuslupaa ostamassa.

Kalastonhoitomaksun voi hankkia osoitteesta, Metsähallituksen palvelunumerosta 020 69 2424, Metsähallituksen luontokeskuksesta tai R-kioskilta.

The fishing management fee in 2020:

45 € / year

15 € / 7 days

6 €/days

Rowing boats: 25€/day

Linder 440 Fishing 55€/day (5hp)

The boats are in general rented to camping or cottage guests. You can also use your own engine.

Fishing management fee

22€ / year or 7€ / week

Lure fishing fee

29€ / year or 7€ / week